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About us

Our vision

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

We have set ourselves the task of sustainably improving and revolutionising the living environment, health and wellbeing of all current and future generations. Our vision is to help as many people as possible to enjoy a healthy and happy life by harnessing their full potential.

Sharing valuable knowledge

MITOcare - pioneering knowledge from natural medicine

Research and diagnostics form the basis of our work. We supplement this with many years of laboratory-documented, practical experience of therapy, together with in-house studies and consumer observations. It is crucial to us that we are able to help you benefit from our experience and knowledge. In addition to offering a variety of high-quality natural products, we stand together with you as your perfect partner in the field of health and natural products. Using a variety of training formats, the MITOcare Academy trains doctors, therapists, and non-medical practitioners in holistic and innovative treatment methods.

Our origin - how it all began

Healthy at heart

Our story began in 2013 with the vision of two Munich-based doctors. As physicians, the welfare of their patients was top priority. Through their knowledge of natural micronutrient therapies and their commitment to nature as a pillar of health, MITOcare emerged. From day one, our founders have followed the philosophy of creating and restoring health from the inside out, addressing the root causes of health problems rather than merely treating the symptoms. With each of our natural products comes a revolutionary idea and a unique story. Based at our head office in Munich, the MITOcare team is dedicated to the achievement of improved health and wellbeing for all people in the world. To this end, we work day to day with the utmost dedication, enthusiasm and passion.

Treatment concept - Prinzip Causa Logica

Strength and wellbeing through natural substances

The Prinzip Causa Logica is a principle based on the simple concept of returning to the ancient and enduring laws of nature, and natural substances as the basis of health, wellbeing and strength. We are guided by thirteen unchangeable principles, reflected in our thirteen Product categories . All of the circles together represent the Flower of Life, which signifies our holistic approach to therapy. We use only the highest-quality, prized ingredients in optimal doses. These three criteria are the most important factors in our micronutrient preparations, designed to help you on your journey to inner wellbeing and natural strength.

Quality standards

Our role model is nature

Our customers can rely on natural quality and our Made in Germany promise. We source all our raw materials - from A to Z - directly from nature. For maximum health benefits, our products use only pure and natural substances, free from artificial additives. We do not use high-dose single substances, but low dose complex mixtures, as occur in nature. An innovation driver in the field of micronutrient medicine, MITOcare’s highly-qualified expert research and medical team works constantly to further develop and improve these natural product preparations, with a passion for nature and humankind. The highest possible standard of quality is reflected not only in the products themselves, but also in the processes we use. MITOcare natural products are produced exclusively to recognised quality standards and guidelines including HACCP, ISO and GMP. The product quality will always come first in our value concepts. We make no compromises in terms of raw material quality or production, which is why with every MITOcare natural product you have the promise of quality in your hands.


The MITOcare value cosmos

MITOcare is committed to sourcing raw materials locally - as Mother Nature allows - and to ensuring the protection of flora and fauna, which is more important today than ever before. We donate a significant portion of our profits to charitable environmental organisations and associations that have set themselves the task of fighting to preserve and conserve the unique biodiversity of our planet. Social responsibility also plays a significant role in shaping our moral and ethical values, and our commitment to the right of every human being to flourish and enjoy the best possible health. We also organise a large annual fundraising event to help ensure that medical aid packages reach children and families in need, in regions where medical care does not match our own standards.