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Analyzing genetic changes from a holistic perspective
intelligeneⓇ diagnostic Kit

✔ Selection of highly clinically-relevant genes
✔ Comprehensive analysis: 42 genes and 152 mutations
✔ Raw data can be obtained by saliva sample
✔ Detailed analysis for supervising therapists


Human DNA consists of over 23,000 genes and provides the blueprint for all the body's molecules, structures, and cells. This includes enzymes, messenger substances and hormones. These are of enormous importance for the function and control of our organism: immune system, hormone system, neurotransmitter balance, detoxification, cell protection, energy production, bioavailability of micronutrients or the control of genes themselves are only some of the most important examples. Gene changes can be both inherited (SNP's) and acquired in the course of life (mutations). In both cases, these subtle changes can have significant consequences for the organism.

IntelligeneⓇ was developed to make these often-unknown factors visible and usable in the sense of a holistic approach. Although genetic changes cannot be reversed, it is possible to adapt to them. Optimizing micronutrient therapies, targeted prevention, psychological well-being, increasing performance or identifying individual risk factors are just a few examples of how this information can contribute to a healthier life. Our selection of genes for analysis follows simple but important principles:

  • The analyzed genetic changes must be sufficiently scientifically validated - only then a reliable interpretation is possible.
  • The observed changes must be highly relevant to health in a holistic sense.
  • Direct and concrete recommendations for action must be derivable from the changes.

These criteria distinguish us from our competitors. Other providers analyze a large number of genes - but cannot derive specific and individual recommendations from them. Others list numerous gene changes, but there are no scientifically proven correlations. Still others leave it at very general level and thus provide ultimately unhelpful recommendations. intelligeneⓇ focuses on the following areas:

  • Redox system: antioxidant protection and energy production
  • Detoxification (phase 1 and phase 2)
  • Methyl metabolism (gene control, hormone balance, membrane quality)
  • Micronutrients (bioavailability, requirements)
  • Immune system (inflammation readiness, inflammation control, silent inflammation, neuroinflammation)
  • Nervous system (regenerative capacity, neurotransmitter balance, psychological well-being, neurodegenerative risks)

A detailed overview of the analyzed genes can be found here.

  • intelligeneⓇ is a holistic interpretation of genetic changes. The raw data for the analysis is obtained by means of a saliva sample through our partner laboratory. The costs for this are included. After ordering, you will receive the test kit and detailed instructions for sample collection by post. You can find further information on taking and sending the samplehere.
  • In terms of details and complexity, the analysis is aimed at medical professionals. We therefore strongly recommend that you carry out the analysis together with a qualified therapist. Our intellegeneⓇ therapist finder will help you to find a contact person in your area.

After ordering intelligene, you will receive a test kit for sample collection by post. The package contains:

  1. Detailed instructions on how to collect the saliva and blood sample
  2. A pre-addressed, stamped envelope for returning the sample - simply drop this off at a DHL outlet, there is no cost to you.
  3. a consent form to be signed and enclosed with the sample
Our partner laboratory will then carry out the genetic analysis within 14 days of sending the sample. Your data is stored anonymously on protected servers and transmitted via a specially secured peer-to-peer procedure. This way you can be sure that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.
After receiving the raw data, our experts carry out the analysis and evaluation within one week. The finished report is then sent to you or your therapist in digital form.
If you need assistance with the ordering process, please contact us at

We recommend to discuss your wish for an intelligene analysis with your therapist in advance.
You are also welcome to use our intelligent therapist finder.

You have already completed one of our training courses on intelligene? (Seminar series 2020, webinars intelligene / epigenetics or part 3 of the seminar series 2021).
Dann finden Sie alle benötigten Dokumente und Informationen in Ihrem Fachkreisbereich.

Are you interested in working with intelligene and becoming a registered intelligene professionar but have not yet completed the corresponding training?
Then you will find all the documents and information you need in your partner backoffice.

  1. Participation in part 3 of our 2021 seminar series ("Epigenetics & Transcriptional Control"). You can find the current dates under Seminars & Webinars. This lecture is also available as Video-On-Demand.


  2. Participation in our webinars on the topic of (epi)genetics. Qualifying for this is participation in the following webinars:
    • intelligene Basic
    • intelligene Advanced
    The current dates can be found under Seminars & Webinars. Participation is free of charge for MITO partners. In addition, as a MITO partner you enjoy further advantages, including free access to our extensive webinar archive.
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