Press release

Football coach Matthias Jaissle becomes new brand ambassador for MITOcare

Munich, 14 May 2024

Matthias Jaissle, the renowned German football coach of the top Saudi club Al-Ahli and former professional of TSG Hoffenheim, will be the new brand ambassador for MITOcare. The leading provider of complex nutritional supplements and functional foods announced today that Jaissle will share his extensive experience and beliefs in a partnership with the company. The focus of this cooperation is on improving general well-being and promoting balanced nutritional supplementation.

Jaissle, who has been using MITOcare products personally for over a year, emphasizes the positive effect on his everyday life: "Since I integrated MITOcare products into my daily routine, I feel much more efficient and balanced. Especially in a demanding environment like professional football, it is crucial to look after your body and provide it with the best nutrients," explains Jaissle. "I am convinced that optimal health and a balanced diet are the basis for any top performance and I am pleased to convey this message together with MITOcare."

Christian Burghardt, founder and CEO of MITOcare, is also very positive about the new partnership: "Matthias Jaissle ideally embodies the values ​​and principles of our company. His professional background and personal experience with our products make him an authentic ambassador for the importance of health and well-being. We are proud to welcome him to our team and look forward to the joint projects that lie ahead."

The partnership between Matthias Jaissle and MITOcare aims to raise awareness about health optimization and the importance of high-quality nutritional supplementation. Through joint initiatives, both parties will use their expertise to educate the public about the benefits of health supplements and motivate them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

With this cooperation, MITOcare strengthens its commitment to offering high-quality and scientifically based products that support both professional athletes and general consumers in optimizing their health and nutrition.