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Have a healthy team

A company is as strong as its employees. That is why it is increasingly important these days to take good care of your employees’ health. MITO offers health management for companies. This service is supported by the state and has several advantages for both management and team.

Competent consultation & check-up

Medical coaching, customized blood tests included

Continuing Education on health topics

Regular lectures on holistic health and nutrition with natural products

Special conditions for premium products

Receive our premium products at discounted rates

Take advantage of subsidies

Company benefits

Your company receives a subsidy from the state for health management.

Healthy & happy employees can put more energy into your company and help make your company more successful.

Consider this an appreciation of your employees - a personalized examination and much more customized treatment, in comparison to what other physicians would provide.

The knowledge provided by MITO benefits both employees and company long-term.


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