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Our MITOcare Academy

Knowledge transfer & professional training at MITOcare

The MITOcare Academy is at your side as a knowledge partner in the field of health and natural substances. When MITOcare was founded, it was already clear that the knowledge of natural substances and functional medicine had to find its way into the circle of therapists.

Since then, the MITOcare Akademie has been offering training for therapists throughout Germany in the form of regular online training, face-to-face training and, more recently, hybrid training. Recently, recorded seminars have also been made available for booking in the form of video on demand, so that those who do not live near a venue can also benefit.

The MITOcare Academy mainly imparts knowledge in the field of functional medicine. Mitochondrial medicine is an elementary component of the training courses, because as the name MITOcare already says, we take care of the MITOchondria, the power plants of our cells. Topics such as neuroinflammation, immunology and epigenetics are also covered. Speakers from various disciplines will convey the contents in a practical and scientifically sound manner.

In addition to the professional content, it is also important for us to exchange ideas with each other in order to build networks. With this in mind, we organise a "Father Christmas Party" once a year at the beginning of December - an event with top-class speakers and lectures paired with a pre-Christmas ambience.

You would also like to become part of the MITOcare Academy and are a therapist according to the §2 Heilmittelwerbegesetz? Then register with us as a MITO Circle of Expert partner and benefit from numerous advantages. We look forward to meeting you!

All upcoming professional trainings of the MITOcare Academy

Here you can see an overview of all upcoming professional training at our MITOcare Academy. If you have access to our MITO Circle of Experts, you can simply log in as usual and then register for the desired training in the Academy Dashboard

You are a therapist but no MITO Partner and would like to participate in a seminar?

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WHEN? Multi-day seminar from 19 to 23.6.023
WHERE? Mallorca - Portal Nous

Celebrate with us at the anniversary seminar in Mallorca

We would like to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you - on an extraordinary 5-day seminar on the sunny island of Mallorca. There will be 5 seminar units on the following topics:

• Causa Logica Part 1
• Metabolic Therapy
• Allergies & Mast Cells
• Chronic Inflammation
• VAIDS & Causa Logica Part 2

For further information please see the info flyer.
After logging into the expert group area you can register for the anniversary seminar.

Early Bird: 629,10€ (from 17.4)
Normal price: 699€

WHEN? Saturday, 15.07.23
WHERE? Online seminar

Casuistry Analysis

The demands on diagnostics and therapy in integrative medicine are constantly increasing. On the one hand, research and laboratory technology allow ever more precise and differentiated access to pathophysiological problems - on the other hand, patient care should be as rational and streamlined as possible. Even with generous budgets, sooner or later another problem arises: How can a common thread be extracted from the "flood of information" that sometimes arises from modern diagnostics - where to start, when which follow-up? According to which priorities can an effective and sustainable therapy plan be designed? A rigid scheme cannot be the answer here; both the demand for individualized medicine and the heterogeneity and complexity of chronic diseases argue against such an approach. Nevertheless, certain basics can be identified that must be primarily addressed both diagnostically and therapeutically. In addition, it is important to establish cross-links between different pathophysiological mechanisms: What does a finding in organ system A mean for organ system B? Are there consequences for drug combinations, staggering of measures and follow-ups? We want to approach all these aspects in an approach as close to practice as possible - through the discussion of case histories. From practice for practice, practicing networked thinking based on case studies. A seminar based on the motto "And what do I do now on Monday morning?

Early Bird: 179,10€ (until 15.05.2023)
Normal price: 199€

WANN? Samstag, den 15.07.23 WO? München Heilpraktikerschule Lotz

Holistic Mobility BASIC mit Tim Böttner

Mobilität ist die Grundlage für jede Bewegung heute und in 30 Jahren und damit ein Schlüssel zu ganzheitlicher Gesundheit und Lebensqualität. Durch intelligente Bewegung wirst du nicht nur geschmeidiger, stärker und ausdauernder, sondern verbesserst dein Stressmanagement, Gehirn, Blutzirkulation, Schmerzen und vieles mehr. Gute Bewegung ist komplex, aber nicht kompliziert. In diesem praktischen Seminar lernst du, wie du die natürliche Mobilität und Bewegungskompetenz mit einfachen Bewegungen entlang der neuromotorischen Entwicklung des Körpers wiederherstellen kannst, unabhängig von Alter und Fitnesslevel. Das ganzheitliche Mobilitätskonzept auf Basis deiner Körperlogik verbindet Biomechanik mit Atmung, Achtsamkeit, Nervensystemregulation, Gleichgewicht und mehr. Nach dem Seminar hast du ein ganzheitliches Verständnis von Bewegung, verstehst deinen Körper und Schmerzen und hast eine Mobilitätsroutine für jeden Tag und spezifische Herausforderungen.

Für wen ist dieses Seminar?
Endkunden Gesundheitsexperten und Therapeuten, die das Mobilitätskonzept für sich und ihre Kunden nutzen wollen

Unabhängig von Alter und Fitnesslevel Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich Einzige körperliche Voraussetzung ist, einige Zeit im Vierfüßlerstand verbringen zu können Matten sind in der Einrichtung vorhanden

Normalpreis: 199 € (169 € Early Bird bis 01.06.2023) Kooperation mit Tim Böttner

WHEN? Saturday, 11.03.23 WHERE? Online seminar

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the precursor to most chronic diseases, including autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's and cancer. Although it plays a major role in almost all chronically ill people, our handling of this phenomenon is not very systematic. The aim of the event is to convey a structured and integrative approach to how chronic inflammation develops - how it works, how its causes can be identified and diagnosed and ultimately, of course, how it can be treated sustainably. The focus is on the physiology and pathophysiology of the immune system, the safe handling of biomarkers (complex cytokine profiles, CD profiles) and the connection of immunology with the intestinal environment, redox system and cell metabolism. Epigenetic modulation is part of the toolbox, as are tolerogenic interventions and in-vitro diagnostics. A new, structured way of thinking about a well-known problem and a chance to face this basic problem comprehensively and in a new way.

Early Bird: 179,10€ (from 26.11.22-11.01.2023)
Normal price: 199€

WHEN? Thurs-Sun, 19.10.-22.10.23
WHERE? Pontresina Switzerland; www.sporthotel.ch

More resilience through breathing and cold

With the right breathing to the optimal care of your body
– Understand how you can influence your autonomic nervous system
– Become an expert of your own breathing
– Learn to safely ice bathe & winter hike in swimwear
– Improve your resilience
– Learn transformative breathing

Buteyko Method breath coaching improves your performance, sleep quality and resilience in a very short time. Your health and well-being will improve significantly and sustainably.

Transformative breathing has an enormously positive psychological, healing, cleansing, meditative and calming effect on our body and mind. It serves to change old self-sabotaging patterns and can enhance the quality of life. With an increased awareness of the breath, it becomes easier to recognize stress in the body and successfully release habitually stored tension.

In this 3-day workshop for beginners and advanced students, you will learn how to use the power of cold and conscious breathing to improve your health, strengthen your resilience and increase your performance.

More information about Rolf Duda, www.peakwolf.ch

Normal Price: 599€
Early Bird: 569€ until 18.08.2023

WANN? Fr.-So., den 17.11.-19.11.23 WO? München Novotel München City

Medizinisches Update Kongress 2023

„Abwehrschwäche & Maligne Erkrankungen bei Post-Vac/Long-Covid“

- Immuninsuffizienz bei Post-Vac & Long-Covid
- Die Rolle der Makrophagen bei Covid-19
- Persistenz von Spike & Sars-CoV2
- Metabolische Tumortherapie & Funktionszucker bei Tumorerkrankungen

Normalpreis: 419€
Early Bird: 399€ bis 17.09.2023

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