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Nutritional supplements in the focus of competitive sports - an interview with Dr. Frank Styra

The orthopedist and base doctor of the OSP Bavaria on the use of nutritional supplements in sports

Munich, January 29, 2024

Dr. Frank Styra is a specialist in orthopedics and a doctor Olympic base Bavaria is a luminary when it comes to medical Looking after top athletes is possible. Not least because he himself has been for many years was a competitive athlete. Dr. Styra has his training as a... Orthopedic surgeons graduated from renowned clinics and later enrolled in one of the leading sports clinic, the Media Park Clinic in Cologne, specializes in the treatment of Specialized in competitive athletes. Today he runs it together with two colleagues the respected orthopedics at Stiglmaierplatz in Munich. For MITOcare he examines the role of nutritional supplements in competitive sports and provides insights into their importance for athletes at the highest level.

MITOcare: Dr. Styra, what are the physiological reasons for this? widespread use of dietary supplements High performance sport based?

Dr. Styra: The use of dietary supplements High-performance sport is based on multifactorial aspects. On the one hand address the increased metabolic demands of Athletes induced by intense training and competitions. They are crucial for optimizing the nutrient supply that leads to... Maintaining and increasing muscular and cardiovascular performance contributes. Furthermore, they play a significant role in the regenerative processes by supporting muscular repair and support the replenishment of energy reserves, which is important for the long-term health and performance is essential. The essential role of micronutrients in high-performance sports.

MITOcare: What specific nutritional supplements do you consider Athletes essential?

Dr. Styra: The basis is an adequate supply of essentials micronutrients. Additionally, protein supplements, creatine monohydrate, as well as specific amino acids, such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) or L-glutamine, often an integral part of the nutritional plans of Athletes. However, it is critical to emphasize that such supplements only a supporting role in combination with an already nutrient-rich, balanced diet should play.

MITOcare: How do you rate the safety and effectiveness of nutritional supplements?

Dr. Styra: The safety and effectiveness of these products are of the highest quality Meaning. In my practice I work closely with nutrition experts and Manufacturers work together to ensure the quality and purity of the recommended To ensure supplements. It is essential that the products undergo rigorous testing and certification to reduce the risk of contamination or the presence of prohibited substances minimize.

MITOcare: How nutritional supplements support regeneration of athletes?

Dr. Styra: Regeneration is a critical factor in competitive sports. Dietary supplements can support this process by: optimize muscular repair and growth potential, exert anti-inflammatory effects and help restore the Contribute to glycogen stores.

MITOcare: The supplementation approaches differ between Endurance and strength athletes?

Dr. Styra: Yes, definitely. Endurance athletes often benefit from supplements, which promote mitochondrial energy production and efficiency, such as B vitamins and iron. Strength athletes, on the other hand, could have a stronger focus rely on creatine and protein to increase muscle growth and strength. One Individualized adaptation is essential here. Supplementation as a complement to the solid dietary basis.

MITOcare: What is a common misconception regarding Dietary supplements?

Dr. Styra: A common misconception is the assumption that supplements are... compensate for suboptimal nutrition. This is a fundamental one fallacy. Supplements should be used as a supplement to an already existing one Nutrient-rich diets should not be understood as a replacement for deficient ones Diet habits.

MITOcare: Together with MITOcare you have a special Ortho series developed. What were your motivations?

Dr. Styra: MITOcare's product range already included various Nutrient combinations for various medical areas. For the However, there were no adequate products in the portfolio for orthopedics. Therefore The idea arose to develop specific products that cater to the special needs in orthopedics.

MITOcare: Why are nutritional supplements particularly postoperative important?

Dr. Styra: Post-operatively the body is in a heightened state Regeneration, which means an increased need for specific nutrients means. Dietary supplements can help address this Compensate for nutrient deficiencies through normal diet alone may not be covered.

MITOcare: What types of supplements do you recommend most common after surgical procedures?

Dr. Styra: This varies depending on the type of surgery and the individual needs of the patient. In general, however, Protein supplements, essential vitamins such as vitamin C and D, as well Minerals such as iron and zinc are often recommended as they have a central role Play a role in wound healing and bone regeneration. The medical discussion of dietary supplements.

MITOcare: What considerations or precautions should be taken What should patients take into account when taking nutritional supplements?

Dr. Styra: It is essential that patients do not take nutritional supplements on your own initiative and without consultation with your treating doctor take in. Some supplements may interact with medications cause or negatively influence specific health conditions. We doctors also need to look more closely at nutritional supplements to find the optimal supplement for our needs Identify patients.

MITOcare: How do you assess the timing and duration of the Supplementation after an orthopedic surgical procedure?

Dr. Styra: The timing and duration of supplementation should be individually adapted. Usually the intake starts short after the surgical procedure and continues until the patient has fully recovered. A regular review and adjustment the attending physician is essential.

MITOcare: Do you have any final advice for athletes considering Interested in nutritional supplements?

Dr. Styra: My most important advice is to recognize the importance of a balanced, Understanding nutrient-rich nutrition. The majority of the required Nutrients should ideally be absorbed through food. Dietary supplements should act as complementary support be considered, especially for high-performance athletes, but also for Amateur athletes whose nutrient requirements are often not met by normal ones alone nutritional habits can be met.

MITOcare: Thank you, Dr. Styra, for the enriching insights and yours Time.

Dr. Styra: It was my pleasure. I hope understanding for that correct use of nutritional supplements in a sports context continue to increase.