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Who we are

using food supplements

Intelligent nutritional supplements, combined with functional foods, based on your genes. With our products, webinars and seminars, we aim to contribute to more vitality, joie de vivre and support you in realizing your full potential. Take the next step with us toward self-determined health.
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WANN? Do.-So., 19.10.-22.10.23
WO? Pontresina Schweiz | www.sporthotel.ch

Mehr Resilienz durch Atmung und Kälte

Melde dich jetzt für unseren 3-tägigen Workshop mit dem Biohacker Peakwolf an. In diesem Workshop (Anfänger- & Fortgeschrittene) lernst du, wie du mit der Kraft der Kälte und bewusster Atmung, deine Gesundheit verbessern, deine Resilienz stärken und deine Leistungsfähigkeit steigern kannst.
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Nutritional supplements

MITOcare micronutrients products

In collaboration with physicians and experts, we develop innovative micronutrient products based on the power of synergies, natural substances and bioavailable ingredients.
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Our MITOcare Store

Live advice & promotions in the MITOcare store

Do you already know our MITOcare store at Munich Harras? Here you can get live advice and benefit from regular promotions and end customer presentations. We are looking forward to your visit.
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Our MITOcare Academy

Pioneer knowledge and spirit of discovery

Using our MITOcare Academy, we would like to impart valuable knowledge and experience. This ever-growing network of information helps us, together with you, to expand and connect our unique knowledge. Here, pioneer knowledge and experience collected for decades connects with spirit of discovery.
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our brands: mito functional nutrition

you drink - we care

mito functional nutrition ist eine Subbrand von MITOcare. Unser Fokus liegt auf smarter Ernährungsergänzung durch funktionelle Getränke. Mit unserem mito drink haben wir eine komplexe Essenz entwickelt, die deine Zellen mit 11 wichtigen Vitaminen, Calcium, Magnesium und Coenzym Q10 erfrischt - und das einfach durch Trinken.
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Our brands: intelligene

Your genetic fingerprint

You are unique - just like your DNA. Discover and unleash the full potential of your genes with intelligene. Based on the latest scientific findings in genetics and epigenetics.

Product development together with doctors & experts

High nutrient content with synergetic effect

Relaying of the latest & scientific findings

Premium products without unnecessary additives and fillers

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Digital cooking class from MITO Community Event

The new Traditional Diet x MITOcare

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we held a community cooking event with Heidi and Esma on the topic of traditional nutrition. We now offer you this cooking course in digital form.
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Our newest partner products

New partner products from Zinzino

In order to supplement our principle of causa logica in a meaningful way, we work together with selected partners. To complement our principle Causa Logica in a meaningful way, we work with selected partners. Our latest partner product are the high-quality oils from Zinzino.
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subbrand mito functional nutrition

Back again!
Better price - new look.

The wait is over - the mito drink is now available again! The mito drink is an innovative complex of active ingredients in a specially balanced nutrient mixture. With one can daily you can cover your need of some important micronutrients - and that simply by drinking. You drink - we care.
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Our first MITO Masterclass
for customers

Think Flow Grow
x MITOcare

We developed our first MITO Masterclass for Endkunden:innen together with Tim Böttner from Think Flow Grow. "Back to Natural Mobility" helps you get back to your nature through intelligent movement. The course is available as a Light Course - the trial version - and as a Complete Course.
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Our new products


Our new product HAEMATOzym complements the CL02 of the principle Causa Logica. The dietary supplement contributes to the health of blood vessels with the vitamin C it contains, to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to the normal functioning of the immune system. The product is further enhanced by four plant enzymes such as nattokinase from fermented soybean extract, bromelain from pineapple, papain from papaya fruit and SOD (superoxide dismutase) from sugar melon.
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Our bestsellers

Our bestseller ADEK Vitamin Oil

The MITOcare ADEK Vitamin Oil skilfully combines all 4 fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in just one drop. Since fat-soluble vitamins can be better absorbed by the body in combination with fat, the vitamins in this product are accompanied by a combination of valuable coconut and olive oil.

With MITOcare back
to my old strength

“I noticed immediately that my regeneration times got significantly shorter with the MITOcare products.”

Sabine Lisicki, professional tennis player

Getting through a stressful day-to-day life in a healthy way

“My workdays are often over 12 hours long. In order to stay balanced, I count on the power of plant substances.”

Ben Strässle, photographer

What Moritz
says about our products

“As a top athlete, I am always interested in increasing my performance so I can support my team in the best way possible. Next to extra training periods, it is important to me to support my body permanently with important nutritional and plant substances for performance enhancement and regeneration.“

Moritz Leitner, midfielder FC Zürich

Always fully engaged with MITOcare products

“As project manager, I have to keep an eye on several subjects at the same time. Since I have started on my nutritional substance therapy plan with MITOcare, I have noticed a definite increase in energy and my ability to concentrate.”

Philipp Eden, project manager

Back to top athletic form with MITOcare products

“After my serious knee injury, I learned about MITOcare at a moment when it was mentally difficult for me to continue to stay motivated.”

Quirin Moll, midfielder TSV 1860 Munich

Every human being
deserves to be healthy

Build & strengthen
mitochondria function

Here, everything revolves around our mitochondria, the power stations of the cells which create your life energy.

Our biological age is defined by sufficient ATP production. ATP as the universal energy carrier in the body, is produced daily by your mitochondria.

"The idea is to die as late as possible."
-Ashley Montagu-

Knowledge & Blog

Do you care about your health and would you like to expand your current knowledge on living a healthy lifestyle? Our therapists, physicians and experts will inform you regularly about current topics.

MITOcare Academy

Knowledge sharing for professionals

In our MITO Circle of Experts area, we offer an exclusive platform for exchange among colleagues as well as an academy that regularly imparts exclusive specialist knowledge. As an expert, you can apply this knowledge in your treatments. Register now and benefit from our unique knowledge of alternative medicine, micronutrient medicine and epigenetics.

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