German men's and women's national field hockey teams

The German national field hockey teams have stood for success for many years. With a total of 4 world championship titles, 10 European championship titles and 5 Olympic gold medals, Germany is one of the most successful field hockey nations in the world.

With us on the way to Paris

Following the successful collaboration between the German Hockey Federation e.V. and MITOcare at the Men's and Men's U21 Hockey World Championships in 2023, we will also be supporting the men's and women's national teams with our expertise on their way to Paris.
"When working with MITOcare, we doctors realized that high-quality supplementation with micronutrients supports the players in the long term. This was particularly evident during our outstanding success at the 2023 World Championships, where we won two titles."

Robert Gorzolla, team doctor for the German men's national team

DHB men are world champions

Once again, the sport of field hockey proves that it is rightly the most successful sport in Germany. What soccer and handball failed to do this winter, the German field hockey men succeed in India, the sport's country of origin.

After 17 years without winning a title

With MITOcare to the world championship title

Hockey Germany had to be patient at this moment for a long time. But since January of this year, the German men's national team has been able to call itself world champions. In a thrilling final, Germany finally prevailed on penalties against the reigning world champions and Olympic champions.

For a long time it didn't look like the German men's team would bring home the trophy. In the decisive knockout games, Germany was often behind and was able to turn the game around again and again thanks to enormous team spirit and a great will to win. But supplementation with MITOcare products also played a crucial role.
"We have definitely felt positive effects, as is the case with regeneration. So the various regeneration measures, where the supplementation is of course definitely part of it. And I think that was of course also a reason why we could go into every game with 100% performance again [...]."

DHB team doctor Philip Ibe

Together with the DHB and team doctors, we make regular laboratory checks of metabolic parameters, evaluate injury figures and advise on the management of training and competition loads. And of course we supply the players with our MITOcare products.

DHB players who trust in MITOcare

Christopher Rühr
MITOcare has been supporting national field hockey player Christopher Rühr since March 2023.
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Nike Lorenz
Since February 2023 MITOcare supports the national field hockey player Nike Lorenz.
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Cécile Pieper
Since December 2022 MITOcare supports the German national player Cécile Pieper.
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Lena Micheel
Since December 2022 MITOcare supports the German national player Lena Micheel.
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Hanna Granitzki
Since summer 2022, MITOcare has been supporting the national field hockey player Hanna Granitzki.
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Anne Schröder
MITOcare has been supporting German national player Anne Schröder since summer 2022.
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