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The MITOcare micronutrient Principle Causa Logica complex micronutrients have all been developed according to our carefully developed product principle - the Principle Causa Logica. This aims to carefully coordinate all the components of our products with each other. As in nature, everything is interconnected and follows its natural laws - each element has its task & effect. We transfer these synergies to our products in a nutritionally sensible way. The focus is always on innovative & high-quality product development. Our goal is to promote your well-being with our complex products, and to contribute to you being in balance. We use only valuable nutrients and botanicals and consciously avoid unnecessary fillers and additives.

Our Principle Causa Logica Categories

Unsere Allrounder

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Other brands: MITOcare micronutrients of the add·on product line

Focus on single substances with the add·on product line

In addition to our Principle Causa Logica complex micronutrients, we have developed the add·on supplementary products. The focus here is on individual nutrients that can be supplemented individually in addition to our complex products.
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Other brands: mito functional nutrition

you drink - we care

Do you already know our sub-brand mito functional nutrition? With it, we want to reshape the way we consume food. Our functional drink - the mito drink is the beginning of a vision of refreshing drinks with an impact.
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Other brands: intelligene

You are unique - just like your DNA

Discover your personal path to a better quality of life with our diagnostic tool intelligene.

Knowledge & Blog

You want to expand your knowledge around a vital lifestyle, micronutrients & nutrition? Our experts regularly share information about holistic well-being in our knowledge blog & our audio blog.