MITOcare's new subbrand:

MITOcare micronutrients of the add·on product line

The new MITOcare micronutrients of the add·on product line were developed to supplement our complex products of the Principle Causa Logica, with the aim of compensating for specific, nutrition-related micronutrient deficiencies. Our add•on products can also be used to individually supplement the diet in the event of increased micronutrient requirements, which may arise due to intentional or unintentional life circumstances.
Bioavailability is just as important to us here as it is to the Principle Causa Logica. Therefore, depending on the purpose of the product, we choose, for example, natural, organic or amino acid-bound compounds such as bisglycinates or create a complex of different compounds of a certain micronutrient.

Our add·on capsule products are uncompromisingly produced without fillers such as microcrystalline cellulose. Instead, we rely on amino acids, plant substances or the like, which accompany the respective micronutrient and the product purpose.
We also do not use additives such as magnesium stearates.
The plant-based capsule shells made of pullulan come from natural and sustainable agriculture. For liquid add·on products, we only use natural preservation and do not use potassium sorbate or alcohol. Almost all add·on products are suitable for a vegan diet.
When it comes to product packaging, we rely on glasses that are produced in Germany. The black glass finish reduces the penetration of light to protect the active ingredients. Once the product is used up, the glass can be reused for other purposes or disposed of as white glass.