The MITOcare cosmos and our 4 brands

"Everyone deserves to be healthy."

Since its foundation in 2003, MITOcare has stood for health as the highest good of mankind. Based on the well-founded Principle Causa Logica, our range comprises over 40 innovative products, from micronutrients to DNA diagnostics and functional nutrition. With an extensive network of specialist users, we are continuously improving our range in line with the latest scientific findings. Through laboratory diagnostics and many years of application experience, we create synergies between nutrients and co-factors to maximize the effectiveness of our products. Quality assurance and ecological sustainability are our guiding principles. We avoid questionable additives and rely on natural, readily available ingredients, responsible supply chains and EU production.

Nutrient synergies according to the Principle Causa Logica

We stand for innovative and qualitatively high-quality nutrient and plant material, products which are nutritionally and physiologically well-balanced. They will also help your well-being and maintain your equilibrium.

Micronutrientof the add·on product line

The add•on product line was developed to complement our complex products of the Principle Causa Logica. Here we focus on individual micronutrients in high quality.

mito functional nutrition

Let's completely rethink the way we consume food. Join us on our journey to bring beverages to the next level.

Diagnostic tool intelligene

You are unique - just like your DNA. Discover your personal path to more quality of life with our diagnostic tool intelligene.