Colon flora

The colon is often referred to as the "second brain" because it contains a complex network of nerve cells that form the enteric nervous system. With around 100 million nerve cells, this network influences digestive functions and communicates with the central nervous system. In modern times, the gut is influenced not only by diet and bacteria, but also by stress, environmental factors, and lifestyle, highlighting its role as a significant organ in overall physical and mental health. Here you will find all the products that support your intestinal flora and digestion through their contained ingredients. Further information can be found on the individual product pages.

Knowledge about gut health

In our blog posts you can find out how you can positively influence your intestinal flora:
Pre- and probiotics - feed your gut bacteria
Your gut has all kinds of functions. It communicates with other regions of your body, such as the brain, and even produces neurotransmitters together with the resident gut bacteria. Find out why the gut is often associated with the "seat of health" and how you can promote your gut health.
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What helps with bloating? 6 tips for bloating problems
Everyone has probably had a bloated belly at some point. It pinches, it's uncomfortable, it hurts and you simply feel uncomfortable in anything you're wearing. Whether it's after a meal, early in the morning, in the evening, before your period or even permanently: your bloated belly has a cause that you can get to the bottom of. Do you know what causes bloating and what you can do about it? Find out more in this article.
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The gut-brain axis - how do the gut and brain work together?
Gut and brain - two important organs in the human body. But what do they have to do with each other? Quite a lot! Because a healthy gut makes for a healthy brain and vice versa.
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9 tips on how to avoid sugar in everyday life
Do you notice how your sugar intake has increased? Do you feel tired after eating, especially if it was a big "unhealthy" meal? Would you like to reduce your sugar intake and have more energy in your everyday life again? With this blog article, we want to help you reduce your sugar consumption in everyday life.
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Sugar alternatives - sweet without a guilty conscience
Awareness of healthy eating has been changing for some time now. A healthy and conscious lifestyle is now considered desirable by many. When it comes to sugar in particular, "healthy" alternatives are now increasingly being offered or processed by the food industry. Are these substitutes or alternatives really better, or are they even more harmful than the usual household sugar?
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Healthy sugar - is it possible?
Do you want a sugar for your optimal energy supply and yet no side effects such as tooth decay and fluctuating blood sugar levels? This article shows you the advantages and disadvantages of the most important sugar alternatives.
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