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Innovative technology improves the bioavailability of essential micronutrients

Liposomal technology and its benefits in food supplements

Munich, November 21, 2023

The bioavailability of micronutrients is a fundamental challenge in nutritional science that is effectively addressed by advanced liposomal technology. MITOcare, as one of the leading suppliers of nutritional supplements and functional foods, explains what liposomal products are, how they work and what benefits they offer.

What are liposomal products? Many people ask themselves this question when they hear about it for the first time. Liposomal technology refers to a type of packaging of active ingredients in food supplements in which micronutrients are enclosed in phospholipid shells - similar to the cell membranes in the human body. This innovative packaging allows the active ingredients to pass through stomach acid undamaged and directly into the cells where they are needed. The advantages: in addition to the improved absorption of nutrients - a higher bioavailability - these products are often better tolerated and can be taken more easily.

However, not all active ingredients require liposomal packaging. The technology is mainly used for nutrients that are poorly absorbed without this aid or are sensitive to conditions in the gastrointestinal tract. Liposomal products are often more expensive to produce and may contain fewer different ingredients, which needs to be weighed up when deciding whether or not to use them.

Products in focus: Liposomal glutathione and vitamin C are examples of antioxidants whose absorption can be significantly improved by liposomal packaging. Liposomal curcumin, an active ingredient from the turmeric root, is another example where liposomal formulation significantly increases bioavailability.

Our conclusion: Liposomal technology represents a significant advance in nutraceuticals and opens up new possibilities for the efficient absorption of micronutrients. Research and development in this field is progressing and promises to further improve people's well-being. For further questions about liposomal nutritional supplements, visit MITOcare here.