Here we answer frequently asked questions about our products, our company and the purchasing process.

Order & Shipping
mito drink

How do I purchase MITOcare products?

Here's how to order our MITOcare products:

Online:Our online store at www.mitocare.de. Here, you can also find our digital shopping advisor.


Fax: you will find our order form, which you can fax to the following number: 089 24 88 163-99.

By phone: During our business hours Monday to Friday, we will be happy to take your order: 089 24 88 163-0.

MITOcare Store: Would you like to receive advice in person? Then come and visit us at the MITOcare Store.

MITOcare Store
Plinganserstr. 38
81369 Munich

Opening hours:

Mon - Thurs: 9:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:30 hrs.

Fri: 9:00 - 13:00 and 13:30 - 15:30 hrs.

How can I pay from the EU?

MITO offers the following payment options:

on account via Klarna

by direct debit with SEPA direct debit mandate via Klarna

by credit card

by Paypal or Paypal Express

by card or cash payment: if you pick up your merchandise in person

How can I order from Switzerland?

MITO offers you the following payment options:

Klarna is not supported in Switzerland.

MITO therefore offers you the following payment options in Switzerland:

• on account by e-mail, telephone and fax
• by credit card
• by PayPal

Are there any shipping costs for my order?

You will find the shipping costs here:

Order value up to 149,99 €

5,90 € shipping costs

Order value from 150,00 €

Postage/shipping costs free


Order value up to 149,99 €

TBD, see order process

Order value 150,00 € - 299,99 €

10,90 € shipping costs

Order value 300,00 € - 449,99 €

5,90 € shipping costs  

Order value from 450,00 € 

Postage/shipping costs free


Order value up to 449,99 €

10,90 € shipping costs

Order value from 450,00 €

Postage/shipping costs free

Zones 3 - 8

Zone 3

Order value up to 599,99 €

30,90 EUR shipping costs

Zone 4 

Order value up to 599,99 €

31,90 € shipping costs 

Zone 5 

Order value up to 599,99 €

37,90 € shipping costs 

Zone 6 

Order value up to 599,99 €

38,90 € shipping costs

Zone 7 

Order value up to 599,99 €

43,90 € shipping costs 

Order value from 600,00 €

Postage/shipping costs free

Can I pick up the products?

The products are shipped from an external mail order. We are happy to accept your order and ship the products in no time.

There is also the possibility to pick up the products in our store. Please inform us with your order. In consultation with us, you can then personally receive your order during our business hours.

Mitocare Store
Plinganserstr. 38
81369 Munich

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 9:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:30
Fri: 9:00 - 13:00 and 13:30 - 15:30

The nearest ÖPNV stop is "Harras".

Can I track my shipment?

Using a DHL tracking code that you received by email, you can view the status of your order on the DHL site and track the shipment.

How fast will my order be processed?

Orders received by 11:00 a.m. are usually shipped on the same day. MITOcare delivers all over Europe. Worldwide delivery is possible with certain restrictions. Delivery is carried out via DHL GoGreen.

Are all MITOcare products always in stock and therefore available for order?

Normally the entire product range is in stock. Current information about our products can be found in our online shop. Our MITOcare Store also has all products at hand. If something is not available, it will be indicated in our online shop along with the expected delivery date.

What is the general contact information of MITO?

MITOcare GmbH & Co. KG
Lindenschmitstraße 44
81371 Munich

Telefon: +49 89 24 88 163 - 0

Fax: +49 89 24 88 163 - 99

E-mail: info@mitocare.de

You can reach our imprint here

Take a look at how to get to MITO by public transport.

The MITOcare head office is located at Lindenschmitstraße 44, near Harras in Munich.  

You can reach MITOcare by public transport in various ways:

From the S-Bahn/underground station U-Bahn "Harras" (accessible with S7, U6 as well as the BOB) it is about 500 meters walking distance

From the bus station "Am Harras" (accessible with bus lines 132, 53, 54, 124, 130 and X30) it is about 300 meters walking distance. Our business premises are located on the second floor.

How do I get to the MITOcare store?

From the S-Bahn/underground station "Harras" (accessible by S7, U6 and the BOB) it is about 300 meters walking distance.

From the bus station "Am Harras" (accessible by bus lines 132, 53, 54, 124, 130 and X30) it is about 100 meters walking distance.

Where can I find a MITOcare partner located near me?

You can find out which MITO partners in your area work with MITOcare products by using our MITO Partner Finder.

But why don’t I get more information about the properties of MITOcare products?

Food supplements are legally classified as food. Therefore, they are subject to a different law than, for example, medicines. Legally, the advertising of health products is subject to certain restrictions. Dietary supplements are considered food. Production, sale and advertising are regulated by law. Fixed rules are in force in particular for advertising health-promoting properties. The European Health Claims Regulation has controlled the use of nutrition and health claims on foods since 2007. Health claims are statements that establish a link between a food or its ingredients and the effect on health. For example, "Vitamin B12 supports blood formation," or "Iron contributes to normal immune system function."

Why does MITOcare focus on complex products
and does not offer mono-preparations?

Mono-preparations usually contain a single, highly dosed active ingredient. At MITOcare, we consciously choose complex preparations with several complementary, potentiating and balancing micronutrients. Nature is our role model.

Do MITOcare products contain allergens?

The European Parliament’s and the Council's Annex II of Regulation (EU) No.1169/2011 defines the 14 most important substances that can lead to allergies or intolerances. These include, for example, gluten-containing cereals, dairy products, products made from shellfish, eggs, etc..

The objective of our product development is to avoid these substances wherever possible. Nevertheless, should some product contain allergens mentioned in the regulation, they must by law be marked in bold in the product’s list of ingredients.

Are MITOcare products suitable for children?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety specify maximum limits for certain substances as a guide, and in some cases also differentiate between age groups. The daily intake of the products is basically calculated for adults with an average weight of 70 kg and should therefore not be applied 1:1 for children. Our experts are available for individual support via our online product advisor.

Are there any additives in MITOcare products?

In general, all manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements have the obligation to declare all ingredients. This means that all ingredients and additives subject to declaration must be shown in the list of ingredients of the respective product. The order of the list of ingredients is in descending order of quantity.

MITOcare generally refrains from using substances that only serve as fillers. The space in the capsule is used exclusively for micronutrients and other active ingredients. Here, artificial solvents, binders and/or separating agents are generally done without.

Are MITOcare products appropriate for my pet?

Our products have been designed for the human organism and have not been tested on animals. Whether the products are suitable for animals should be clarified with a veterinarian before usage.

Are my MITOcare products organic?

In general, organic certification is not possible for the use of some substances, such as minerals or vitamins.

Are MITOcare products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

More than 80% of MITOcare products are now suitable for vegetarians and more than half are even suitable for vegans. Since sustainability is very high on MITO's agenda, we are constantly developing our products with that in mind.

Where are MITOcare products manufactured?

MITOcare products are manufactured exclusively in the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The majority is being manufactured in Germany.

I have trouble swallowing capsules. Is it okay to open the capsules and consume them in a different way?

All MITOcare products in capsules are allowed to be opened and consumed in powder form without reservation. For taste reasons, it is recommended to add the capsule contents to a smoothie, for example. Please do not stir the capsule contents into hot food or drinks.

I am taking medication. May I also take MITOcare products without risking side effects?

No general statements can be made about this. Please consult your therapist, physician, alternative practitioner, etc.

May I take all MITOcare products during pregnancy without hesitation?

Please contact your therapist, physician, alternative practitioner, etc. about your individual case

Which analyses and tests are useful?

Using your symptoms as a foundation, our trained MITO therapists will conduct specific analyses and tests and adjust those to your individual health needs. We believe in the principle "targeted testing, meaningful supplementation".Therapist Finder

Is it also possible to order MITOcare products for a third party?

Ordering for a specific customer account by a third party is possible only upon presentation of a signed authorization from the owner of the customer account in question, or by means of the account owner's signed order form.

I have forgotten my password. How can I request a new one?

Just click on " Forgot your password?" box below the login area. Enter your email address. We will send you a new password by email.

If you have forgotten the email address you registered with us, or if any other problem occurs, you can reach our customer service at +49 89 248 8163-0, alternatively you may reach us using the digital advisor

How will my personal data be handled?

Your personal data is subject to data protection laws. For more information on this topic, please click hier.

What about my right to withdraw orders?

All information regarding your right of withdrawal can be found here under paragraph 3.

I received incorrect or damaged goods. What should I do?

Contact us either by calling us during business hours, writing an email to customer service or using our digital advisor.

+49 89 248 8163 - 0


How can I return products, and how will I be refunded?

For orders from within Germany, you will find a return slip in your package. You will be able to return your order free-of-charge using this return slip.

For orders from outside of Germany, the customer will have to bear the return shipping costs. We will refund the order amount to whichever account was used at the time of the order.

Is the mito drink an energy drink?

Not in the classical sense - it is a power drink for your cells that covers your vitamin balance and supports your cell function. Natural ingredients like green tea and guarana naturally contain caffeine to support your focus, alertness & performance naturally. Our recommended daily dose is one can. The mito drink unfolds its activating effect at any time of day. We recommend drinking the drink before sports, during your lunch break or at work.

mito drink

Our mito drink is vegan and at the same time also free from the most known 14 allergens according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169 / 2011, Annex II. These include: Gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish, peanuts, soybeans, milk, nuts e.g. almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts etc., celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulfur dioxide and sulphites of more than 10mg/kg, lipins and molluscs

Can the aluminum in the cans pass into the contents of the beverage?

Absolutely not. The can is coated on the inside so that the contents do not come into contact with the metal. The can optimally protects the contents from the effects of light and possible germs.

Can I take the mito drink together with MITOcare products?

The mito drink can be combined with MITOcare products without any problems. Please note that this is not intended to replace meals or a healthy diet in general.

Does mito drink contain sugar?

The mito drink contains only 3g natural sweetener, through agave syrup and stevia

What does the mito drink taste like?

For the unique taste of the mito drink, we use not only fruits and superfoods. Vegetables and herbs are also part of our recipe. This makes the drink taste neither too sweet nor too fruity - just very special. The fruity taste in combination with our tropical superfruits, meets a slight tingle of ginger and thus rounds off the taste experience.

Where is the mito drink produced?

The mito drink is produced and bottled in Germany.

What is the Diagnostic Tool intelligene?

The human DNA consists of over 23,000 genes and provides the blueprint for all endogenous molecules, structures, and cells. Among these are, among other things, enzymes, messenger substances, and hormones. These are extremely important for the function and control of our organism: immune system, hormonal system, neurotransmitter content, detoxification, cell protection, energy production, bioavailability of micronutrients, or the control of the genes themselves are just a few of the most important examples. Genetic change can be inherited (SNP’s) as well as acquired throughout a lifetime (mutations). In both cases, those subtle changes could cause considerable consequences for the organism. intelligene was developed in order to make these often unknown factors visible and usable using a holistic approach. Genetic changes cannot be reversed, but one can indeed adapt to them. Optimizing micro nutrient therapies, targeted prevention, mental well-being, increase in performance, or the recognition of individual risk factors are just a few examples who this information can contribute to a healthier life.

When is it recommended to do an intelligene analysis?

We recommend doing an analysis for prevention purposes - if you know your weaknesses, you can act accordingly and protect your health. The earlier, the better. It is also recommended to use intelligene in case of very complex situations, such as chronic health problems for which no good or no permanent solutions could be found for years. Aside from that, one can simply save money thanks to the findings of intelligene: laboratory diagnostic, preventative examinations and the intake of nutritional supplements can be optimized and rationalized greatly.

How can I find an intelligene therapist close to me?

We highly recommend you contact one of our trained therapists. You can find all of our certified intelligene therapists with our MITO partner finder.

How can I order the intelligene diagnostic tool?

You can simply order the intelligene test kit via email, phone, or the contact form on our website. The kit will then be sent to your house immediately. You can find further information here.

How do I perform the test at home?

After ordering the intelligene DNA test kit, you will receive the test set by mail to take the sample. The package will include:

– A detailed instruction on how to get the blood sample

- A fully addressed and stamped mailing bag so you can return the sample - simply drop it off at a DHL branch. There won’t be any surcharge

- A consent form, which will need to sign and include with the sample

How long will I have to wait for my result?

Our partner laboratory will perform the gene analysis within 30 days after the sample has been sent off. The data will be made anonymous, saved on protected servers and transferred using a specially protected peer-to-peer procedure. Hence, you can be certain that the collected data won’t get into the wrong hands. After receipt of the raw data, our experts will carry out the analysis and evaluation within two weeks. The completed intelligene evaluation will then be sent to you in digital form, or paper if requested. If you have submitted your therapist’s email, he/she will receive a copy of the evaluation as well.

We will be available at bestellung@mitocare.de, should you require support when ordering.

I have received the test results. What are the next steps?

Once you have received the evaluation, contact your accompanying therapist, or in case of a phone consultation contact the Burn-Out-Diagnostik-Institut..

Is there a subscription function for MITOcare products?

Yes, you can have our products sent to you as a monthly subscription package for at least 3 months.

The best thing about it: You save 8% on your order every month. You can easily cancel the subscription via your account settings.