Press release

MITOcare Academy expands training offer and expands abroad

Munich, September 6, 2023

The MITOcare Academy, a leading knowledge partner in the field of health and natural substances, announces the expansion of its training offering for medical professionals and therapists. With the aim of imparting practice-oriented and scientifically sound knowledge in the field of functional medicine, the academy is now also offering recorded seminars in the form of video on demand.

In addition, the offering is being expanded to the international market. Due to the global growth of MITOcare in recent years, the demand for further training opportunities among German doctors and therapists practicing abroad has also increased noticeably. Initially, offers will be launched in Spain, Portugal and Colombia.

Under the motto "Scientifically understand, naturally complement", the MITOcare Academy's mission since its founding in 2015 has been to establish sound knowledge about natural products and functional medicine in the field of healthcare professionals. The academy offers a variety of educational formats, including face-to-face events, regular online trainings and, most recently, hybrid trainings.

A special focus of the advanced training courses is in the field of mitochondrial medicine. "As the name MITOcare already suggests, we take care of the mitochondria, which are considered the 'power plants of our cells'," explains academy director and alternative practitioner Sabine Riedel. However, essential topics such as neuroinflammation, immunology and epigenetics are also covered in the continuing education courses.

The MITOcare Academy attaches great importance to the quality of continuing education. Speakers from different medical specialties ensure a practice-oriented and scientifically sound transfer of knowledge. "In addition to the technical content, we also attach great importance to the exchange among the participants in order to be able to form valuable networks," Sabine Riedel continues.

As a special highlight, events with top-class speakers and lectures are offered in an exclusive ambience to enable both learning and networking in a pleasant atmosphere.

Interested medical professionals and alternative practitioners can contact directly with questions or find more information about the advanced training courses and the extended range of courses offered by the MITOcare Academy here.