Press release

MITOcare & Lekkerland present the newcomer of the year

The revolutionary functional mito drink(subbrand mito functional nutrition)

Munich, March 15, 2024

MITOcare and its partner Lekkerland present an innovative addition to this Beverage range: the functional mito drink. The new drink is a combination of performance-enhancing ingredients and a unique taste experience. This Drink marks the latest addition to your selection of functional Soft drinks by providing an appealing mix of essential vitamins and minerals in a carefully selected nutrient composition, crowned by a new, exciting flavor profile.

In the world of functional food and drinks that have long found their place outside the niche have found, the mito drink meets the growing need of consumers, Combining health and enjoyment without relying on traditional ones having to resort to nutritional supplements. Already a can of this functional The drink provides the daily requirement of eleven essential vitamins and supports the body with important nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. In addition, promotes Pantothenic acid boosts mental performance, while natural energy suppliers such as guarana and green tea provide a gentle energy boost. The exotic taste of Tropical fruits, green tea and a tangy note of ginger round off the drinking experience. The Drink is vegan, low in calories and uses natural sweeteners.

The minds behind this product, the doctors Christian Burghardt and Dr. Alexander Hierl, emphasize the importance of a balanced diet in hectic everyday life. With their They have extensive experience in the nutritional supplements industry with the mito drink developed to be a simple, natural alternative to traditional supplementation to offer.

Functional drinks, like the mito drink, do more than just meet the basic needs nutritional requirements; they support a balanced diet and lifestyle. According to forecasts, almost 59 percent of all supermarket products will become this by 2025 category belong. The mito drink represents a connection between traditional supplements and advanced nutritional science and aims to promote well-being of people to improve.

The mito drink is aimed at nutrition-conscious individuals, professional athletes and Fitness enthusiasts. Due to its richness in nutrients, it is also suitable for... Suitable for people suffering from stress and lovers of energy drinks. The mito drink is available in the multi-fruit ginger flavor in Lekkerland Webshop and here .