Press release

MITOcare presents innovative "add·on" product line for targeted micronutrient supply

Munich, February 8, 2024

MITOcare, a leading company in the field of micronutrient supplementation, has launched its latest product innovation, the "add·on" line. This new range of nutritional supplements has been specially developed to target specific, nutritional micronutrient deficiencies and is a complement to the existing complex products of the "Causa Logica principle".

"The ‘add·on’ products are aimed at people with increased micronutrient requirements and thus offer completely new, individualized supplementation options," explains Sissi Fukumoto, Chief Product Officer of MITOcare, adding "The product development department has placed particular emphasis on the bioavailability of the ingredients. MITOcare relies on natural, organic compounds or compounds bound to amino acids to maximize their effectiveness".

Another feature of the "add·on" capsule products is the absence of fillers such as microcrystalline cellulose. Instead, amino acids and plant substances are used to accompany the respective micronutrient. Additives such as magnesium stearate are also avoided. The plant-based capsule shells are made from pullulan, which comes from natural and sustainable agriculture.

For the liquid "add·on" products, MITOcare relies exclusively on natural preservatives instead of potassium sorbate and also dispenses with alcohol. Almost all products in the range are also suitable for a vegan diet - recognizable by the special vegan symbol on the front of the label.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, MITOcare uses glass with a black finish for its product packaging, which reduces the penetration of light and thus protects the active ingredients. The jars are manufactured within the EU and are reusable or recyclable.

MITOcare's "add·on" product line will initially be launched with a magnesium and a melatonin product and represents a significant step forward in the provision of high-quality, environmentally friendly and effective nutritional supplements. Further products such as iodine, selenium, zinc, chromium, manganese and copper will follow in March. All of this underscores the company's ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions for health and well-being, while emphasizing sustainability and bioavailable ingredients.

You can find out more about MITOcare and the new product line here .