Press Release

Muscle building 2.0 - How top athletes get more out of their training

Balanced diet with sufficient protein and micronutrients is important for muscle building

Munich, August 08, 2023

Top athletes and martial artists like kickboxing world champion Oscar Plasene know that conventional concepts for effective muscle building leave a lot of potential unused. But the good news is that muscle building 2.0 is possible and easy to implement.

With basic knowledge of cell biology, epigenetics, and mitochondria, even amateur athletes can take training to the next level and sustainably build more muscle mass.

Targeted training stimulates the body to strengthen and adapt muscles. A balanced diet with sufficient protein and micronutrients is also important for muscle building. However, for a fully comprehensive training, attention to epigenetics, nucleotides and mitochondria is additionally crucial. Epigenetics, the science of changes in the activity of genes, can be used to direct the activation of specific genes for muscle building.

However, inflammation in our body can interfere with building muscle mass. Therefore, taking certain nutrients, such as polyphenols (which are special chemical compounds found in plants), can be very helpful. In addition, vitamin D is important for building muscles and for the function of the VDR process (which is a receptor that responds to vitamin D in the body).
Nucleotides are building blocks of DNA and RNA and play an important role in the production of energy in the body. If we take in extra nucleotides from our diet or supplements, this can help build muscle and the growth factor IGF-1 (which is a hormone that stimulates the growth of cells).

Also crucial are the mitochondria. These are tiny structures in our cells that act as energy suppliers and are important for the performance of our muscles. Various measures, such as endurance training, cold treatments, special combinations of nutrients or changes in diet, can help the mitochondria function better and muscles work better.

Finally, amino acids. They support muscle building and energy production. Easily absorbed amino acids, specially adapted for athletes, can bypass problems such as stress on the kidneys or metabolic problems.

MITOcare has been dealing with efficient muscle building since 2013. Numerous top athletes and sports associations, such as the German Hockey Federation or the Olympic Training Center Bavaria rely on MITOcare products, which also support during regeneration and rest periods. Most of the sports products are listed as doping-free on the Cologne List.