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MITOcare athlete and kickboxer Oscar Plasene wins world championship title after severe blow of fate

Press release 20.02.2023

This victory was hard-earned - the Munich kickboxer Oscar Plasene wins his first world title in front of his own audience in the small Olympic Hall.

However, the road to the throne was a rocky one. First of all, Plasene had to get back into shape after a long illness and get rid of an excess of seven kilos. He trained intensively for three months to do so. "That was an extremely tough time for me. But my thanks go to the medical team for their good care and also to my partner MITOcare, which helped me prepare for this day with its micronutrient products. I was in top shape on the dot," said the newly crowned world champion.

The fact that Oscar Plasene is back in the ring at all is thanks to his irrepressible will and a promise. Because he dedicates his 2022 European title and the current world title to his little brother Musafr. The 18-year-old was the victim of a knife attack in Munich in March last year and died. "Actually, I wanted to hang up the martial arts at that time" reports Oscar Plasene, who comes from Iraq, "but my little brother would not have wanted that. So I trained even harder, even more intensively, so that I could win for Musafr."

For MITOcare, Oscar Plasene's title win is a continuation of successful sports partnerships. "Only a few weeks after the great success of the German men at the Hockey World Cup in India, which we also support, Oscar is the next world champion in the ranks of our athletes." Christian Burghardt, co-founder of MITOcare, is pleased and adds: "The recent successes of the field hockey players and also of Oscar, motivate us to expand and constantly improve our products especially in the field of sports."

In addition to supplementing top athletes, MITOcare also stands for clean sports. That's why the company's sports products are on the Cologne List®, an initiative that lists dietary supplements (NEM) and sports nutrition with minimized doping risk. It thus offers athletes protection and provides orientation in a non-transparent market with thousands of non-controlled products.

MITOcare congratulates Oscar Plasene for the world championship title

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