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Strong alliance for top class sports: Olympic Training

Olympic Training Center Bavaria and MITOcare extend their partnership

Munich, October 30, 2023

MITOcare remains the official partner of the Olympic Training Center Bavaria (OSP) to provide targeted support for the more than 860 squad athletes on site with natural nutritional supplements. The collaboration, which has been in place since 2021, focuses on providing athletes with optimal nutritional support to enhance both their physical and mental performance. "In this way, we want to create optimal conditions for the upcoming competitions and enable long-term athletic success" says Volker Herrmann, base manager of the OSP Bavaria. "We have seen in the past two years of cooperation with MITOcare that high-quality supplementation makes perfect sense for our athletes. And we would now like to continue this. Therefore, we are pleased that the partnership is going into extension."

After the successful performances of the German athletes at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, this partnership represents a key measure to prepare the athletes in the best possible way for the upcoming competitions. The nutritional supplements provided by MITOcare are specially adapted to the different requirements of endurance athletes, strength athletes and athletes in a wide range of sports.

The MITOcare product range offers a wide range of nutritional supplements tailored to the needs of athletes. The aim is to optimize athletes' energy metabolism, increase their resilience and support regeneration. "We attach great importance to the quality and safety of our products, which are subjected to regular control tests to ensure supplementation without hesitation. That's why many of our sports-related products are also on the Cologne List (Kölner Liste®), an initiative for labeling dietary supplements with minimized doping risk" explains Christian Burghardt, founder and CEO of MITOcare.

With this partnership, the Olympic Base Bavaria, the largest of its kind in Germany, with its headquarters in the Munich Olympic Park and the regional centers, offers additional support to sustainably increase the performance of its male and female athletes. With a firm eye on the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

You can find out more about the Olympic Training Center Bavaria and the cooperation here or here.