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The importance of melatonin for restful sleep

Munich, February 20, 2024

Sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep significantly affect the quality of life. Scientific findings show that the sleep-wake rhythm and the hormone melatonin are central play a role in healthy sleep.

During sleep, the human body goes through five different stages of sleep form an approximately 90 minute cycle. These cycles repeat themselves several times per night and vary in depth and recreational value. A distinction is made between REM phases – characterized by rapid eye movements – and non- REM sleep, with deeper sleep phases usually at the beginning of the night and REM phases dominate towards morning.

The first sleep phase is a sleep phase in which sleep is still very light. This is followed by a light sleep phase, which is about half of the total sleep makes up. In the following deep sleep phases, sleep reaches its peak greatest depth, which is crucial for the recovery of body and mind. The fifth Phase, REM sleep, is particularly intense for dreaming and emotional Processing.

Melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, is produced in the pineal gland and plays an important role in regulating the sleep-wake rhythm. The Release of this hormone is promoted by darkness and by light inhibited. A disturbed balance between melatonin and cortisol can lead to Sleep disorders and daytime tiredness.

The ideal length of sleep varies depending on age. While newborns up to 17 Hours of sleep are usually enough for adults, 7 to 9 hours. To improve sleep quality, disturbing factors such as alcohol, caffeine and electronic devices should be avoided. In addition, a regular one can Sleep rhythm, a pleasant sleeping environment and sufficient exercise contribute to better sleep.

It is known that melatonin serves as a powerful antioxidant and the body releases it Serotonin forms under the influence of darkness.

During the sleep phase, the body devotes more time to generating and Regeneration of body cells such as immune cells, muscle cells, bone cells, Nerve cells, germ cells and many others. The sleep hormone melatonin guides the deep sleep phase of the human body. During this phase it will Glymphatic system of the body becomes increasingly active, thereby Regeneration processes can be supported. With increasing age The pineal gland of the human body produces less melatonin and the average sleep duration usually decreases.

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