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Our team - the people behind MITOcare

MITOcare is backed by very special people with a lot of commitment, passion and expertise, who give their very best every day in order to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Our founders

Our story starts in 2013 following the vision of two physicians. Driven by the knowledge of natural micronutrient therapies and the desire to see nature as a pillar of health, MITOcare was born.

Christian Burghardt

Founder & Head of the Institute for Burn-Out-Diagnostics in Munich


Every human being is valuable and has the right to health and joy for life. We reinvent ourselves daily and keep up with the times through constant innovation.

Navina Pernsteiner

Chief Impact Officer

Andreas glass

COO | Authorization

Customer Service

Your first point of contact for everything concerning orders, logistics and shipping. Our Customer Service Team is there for you day after day with full dedication, enthusiasm and passion.

Viola Hinterberger

Customer Service Clerk

Marilena Van Elst

Customer Service Clerk

Kevin Kortschlag

Customer service

Rafaela Prechler

Customer Service Clerk

Lena Rauch

Customer Service Clerk

MITOcare Store

MITOcare Store

Plinganserstraße 38

81369 Munich

opening hours icon Mon-Thu 09.00-13.00 | 14.00-17.30
Friday 09.00-13.00 | 13.30-15.30 hours

Nathalie Kieker

MITOcare Store Manager

Alessandro Barbagallo

MITOcare Store Assistant

"The MITOcare team would like to welcome you to our first MITOcare Store. Come on in and be inspired by our products and let us surprise you with our daily updated offers and trial promotions."



"Comprehend scientifically. Complement naturally."

That's our motto at the MITOcare Academy. With this in mind, we look forward to offering complex yet comprehensible knowledge at our continuing education events, thus providing the best possible support to our therapists.

Sabine Riedel

Head of MITOcare Academy

Annika Hornsteiner

Junior Manager MITOcare Academy

Product Development, Regulatory Affairs &
Quality Management

This department is the heart of MITOcare - product development. We incorporate the expertise of our physicians in the development of our products. The quality of our products is very important to us, which is why we give priority to nutrient compounds that the body can easily absorb or that are of natural origin.

Sissi Fukumoto

Head of product enrollment, regulatory & quality management

Janina Wagner

Product Manager, Product Development, Regulatory & Quality Management

Scientific management

“Science is our passion” is our motto (Oder: “We are passionate about science” is our motto. Aber nicht, “Science as a passion”). Our goal is to transfer the latest findings of our research and experience into high-quality products and concepts. In doing so, we are a reliable point of contact for our customers with the goal to jointly realize our vision of holistic health.

Florian Schilling

Chief Knowledge Officer


The procurement of our raw materials, further processing, order fulfillment as well as distribution of our products are processes that we try to complete quickly, sustainably and in a transparent way.

Claudia Multz

Head of Internal Sales

Andrea Sauermann

Senior Sales Manager

Nicole Benedix

Head of Fairs an Exhibitions,
Head of External Sales &
Key Account Manager

Sandra Wagner

Sales Manager

Stephanie Krug

Sales Manager


We are experts at translating an idea into reality, usually very quickly. Our innovative marketing team puts you and your needs first.

Marie Görner

Social Media & PR Manager

Philipp Stahlberg

Head of Marketing

Hans W. Friede

Senior PR & Communication Manager

Julian Kreisig

Junior Content Manager

Claire Kieker

Junior Marketing Manager

Louisa Rosenthal

Social Media Manager

Art Direction

We tinker with new ideas daily, and only release them when we are 100% satisfied with the result.

Adnan Tiganj

Brand Manager Design

Nicola Moebius

Head of Design

"MITOcare products are what bionics are for eating: Innovative and with the spirit of nature.”

mito functional nutrition

We always keep an eye on the latest trends and thus lay the foundation for innovative, functional food.

Selina Schmitz

Head of Design

Marie Görner

Social Media Managerin

Louisa Rosenthal

Marketing Managerin

Shirley Camacho

Content Creator

Kevin Kortschlag


IT & Accounting

Whether managing our CRM or IT system, our IT team takes care of every employee's concerns during the entire time period from onboarding to offboarding. In our accounting department, we juggle pen, paper and figures on a daily basis to ensure that the whole team runs smoothly in their day-to-day business.

Michael Vogel

Financial accountant

Daniel Richter

Working student IT

Ines Tsoklanidou

Assistant accounting

Michael Schulte

Head of IT

Sven Eicher

Head of Accounting