Our Product Principle Causa Logica

Systems in balance -
thanks to the power of synergies

Our MITOcare micronutrients according to the Principle Causa Logica are outstanding for their synergetic complexity. Here we are guided by the laws of nature & its complex interaction of all elements. Our goal is to emulate these synergies as far as possible and to transfer this to our high-quality products in a nutritionally meaningful way. Similar to nature, our product not only combines isolated nutrients, but offers a harmonious combination of ingredients that complement each other. Just as an apple contains more than one vitamin, our product supports your body with carefully balanced ingredients.

Our team of experts has been developing Causa Logica for over 10 years, and in the process, 13 categories have emerged that - like a complex pattern - blend into one another. Their product development is based on the latest scientific findings and innovative ideas from the world of micronutrients. We use only valuable nutrients and plant substances, without unnecessary fillers and additives. Our goal is to promote your well-being with our complex products and to contribute to you being in balance.

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