Press release

Burn more fat instead of sugar - with the new feel keto cracker

Interview with Andy Villiger and Christian Burghardt

Munich, September 18, 2023

The nutrition world welcomes a new functional food: the low-carb and gluten-free feel keto crackers. The "Keto" in the name stands for the consistent focus on the needs of a "lower-carb" diet and promises not only crunchy pleasure, but also health awareness.

The basis is the knowledge that a reduction in carbohydrate intake causes the body to obtain energy from fat, rather than sugar. Thus, the advantages of the keto lifestyle are obvious, because it contributes to better weight management. In addition, the production of so-called ketone bodies in the liver, a natural and extremely efficient source of energy, especially for our brain.

However, the feel keto crackers are not just a crunchy, delicious snack, but a wholesome bread substitute that is in line with a lifestyle that focuses on both enjoyment and health consciousness.

The inventor of the novel cracker and bread substitute is Andy Villiger from Switzerland. "Due to my own health problems, I have dealt extensively with the topic of "ketogenic nutrition". After almost 8 years of development, we have now, from my point of view, brought the optimal product to market maturity," says the trained farmer and computer scientist. (Read also the interview with the inventor of feel keto crackers, Andy Villiger and the physician and MITOcare founder Christian Burghardt in the appendix).

In Germany, the cracker is distributed exclusively online by MITOcare GmbH, a leading Munich-based supplier of functional foods and dietary supplements. "We are pleased to be able to expand our product range of functional foods with the feel keto cracker. Alongside the new "mito drink", the product fits perfectly into our range and pays into our vision of more and more healthy and functional foods" says the CEO and founder of MITOcare, Christian Burghardt.

The new, healthy cracker is available as a monthly pack of 27 40-gram packs of four letters each, or as a six-pack.

Made from a finely tuned blend of eggs, cheese, almonds, seeds, and a variety of spices, this gluten-free and vegetarian cracker is the perfect choice for any occasion. And with an impressively low carbohydrate content of only 8%, these crackers contain over 80% less carbohydrates than comparable products on the market. You can find more information about feel keto here. The cracker is also available on amazon.

Interview with the inventor of feel keto crackers, Andy Villiger and MITOcare CEO and physician Christian Burghardt.

MITOcare: Mr. Villiger, what inspired you to develop a ketogenic cracker?

Andy Villiger: Two things actually came together. On the one hand, I wanted a recognizable weight reduction, and on the other hand, I also saw health problems in my family. That motivated me to look into the subject of keto in detail. At that time, however, there were of course no plans to launch my own product on the market. The idea came about only gradually.

MITOcare: What specific ingredients are used in the new ketogenic cracker to ensure it meets the basic tenets of the ketogenic diet?

Andy Villiger: I think the basic idea is first of all to ask "When does the liver produce ketone bodies to create the corresponding effect in the body?". The rule of thumb here is: less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. Below this value, the ketone body production in the liver can take place optimally. However, this also differs slightly from person to person. The second task was to find the optimal ingredients. We tried out a lot of things. Let me give you an example. Coconut oil is a fat with medium-chain fatty acids. These can be immediately converted into ketones by the liver. It quickly became clear to me: coconut oil definitely belongs in there.

MITOcare: Can you tell us more about the product development process? How did you find the perfect recipe for your crackers?

Andy Villiger: It was planning, luck and also trial & error. I very systematically did over 1,200 tests in seven or eight years until I was finally satisfied. Then I looked for a partner with whom I could finalize the product. In the process, I came across the largest Swiss industrial bakery, which I was able to win over immediately. Together with them, we then perfected it again. For example, the salt content was too high for certain markets. So we did further tests and came up with rosemary as a salt substitute. By the way, it also improved the taste.

MITOcare: Mr. Burghardt, you are now the exclusive distributor for Germany. From your point of view: What distinguishes the ketogenic cracker from other low-carb or gluten-free snacks on the market?

Christian Burghardt: I tested it painfully on myself (laughs). But seriously: I also wanted to work on my weight, like Andy did back then, and tried the feel keto cracker. My impression: it is simply better and, above all, tasty. Then I looked a little closer into the product and, as I said, tested it myself. In fact, I was able to improve my weight management with it. And what I find particularly exciting: the cracker contains natural proteins, such as eggs and cheese. That didn't exist before either. In addition, it is gluten-free and also suitable for some nut allergy sufferers, because only almonds are used.

MITOcare: A question for you as a medical professional: How could the cracker be integrated into a balanced ketogenic diet plan?

Christian Burghardt: Clearly as a bread substitute, if you want to do without carbohydrates in the course of a ketogenic or lower carb diet. It is a form of nutrition that relies primarily on fats and proteins and not on carbohydrates. This puts the body into a state of ketosis, where it uses fatty acids instead of glucose as an energy source. Blood sugar spikes, for example, can lead to oxidative stress in the brain because glucose burning releases more free radicals that attack cells. This is different with ketogenesis. I therefore consider the cracker to be a very useful addition to the ketogenic diet and another step towards functional foods.

MITOcare: Mr. Villiger, how do you maintain the quality and consistency of your crackers, especially considering the specific requirements of the ketogenic diet?

Andy Villiger: That was also a focus of our development work. And actually, the answer is quite simple: Only the best ingredients. I grew up on a farm and worked as a farmer myself. So of course you are very close to the topic of "quality food". This has helped me a lot when it comes to selecting ingredients, ensuring consistent quality and choosing our raw material producers. Our almonds, for example, come from a very well-known, traditional German marzipan producer. There you just know that the quality is right.

MITOcare: Mr. Burghardt, you have tested it yourself. Finally, can you give us some tips on how best to enjoy the ketogenic cracker, perhaps in combination with certain foods or recipes?

Christian Burghardt: I can only talk about my preference. And it's quite simple: simply enjoy the feel keto cracker with butter.

Andy Villiger: I'm already one step ahead there. We like to eat the cracker with goat's cream cheese or liver sausage spread on it. And then the luxury version is with salmon and horseradish. Really delicious. As a keto booster, you can also spread the cracker with good coconut oil from the fridge.

MITOcare: Thank you very much for the interview and bon appétit.