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Nattokinase - A natural enzyme for heart and health

Interesting studies on the effect of nattokinase

Munich, October 9, 2023

You have probably never heard of nattokinase. But this enzyme has a long tradition in Japan and is also gaining importance in this country. Nattō (Japanese 納豆 or なっとう) is originally a traditional Japanese food and is obtained from fermented soybeans. In the process, bacteria produce the enzyme nattokinase to digest the soybeans. Enzymes are also used in other soy products, but nattokinase could only be found in Nattō.

Meanwhile, nattokinase is considered to be a promising supplement in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other health problems.

What is nattokinase?

Simply put, nattokinase is a protein-cleaving enzyme. This primarily affects blood clotting and also plays a role in inflammatory processes.

Scientific findings

Japanese researcher Hiroyuki Sumi first described the protein in 1987, and since then there have been various studies suggesting that nattokinase can cleave fibrin, a protein that plays a role in blood clotting. This could make the enzyme a kind of "natural blood thinner." In addition, nattokinase has also shown anti-inflammatory effects in studies.

Potential areas of application

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for about a quarter of all deaths. There is therefore great interest in preventive measures with few side effects. Nattokinase could be promising in this context. Some studies have already shown positive effects on blood pressure and blood lipid levels.

Dosage and side effects

Nattokinase is also available as a dietary supplement in capsule form. The recommended daily dose is currently 2,000 fibrinolytic units (FU). However, caution is advised, especially for people who are already taking blood-thinning medications. Here, joint intake should only take place after consultation with a physician.


Although research on nattokinase is still in its infancy, it appears that the enzyme has a promising future. However, further studies are needed before definitive recommendations can be made. Until then, nattokinase remains an exciting topic for anyone interested in natural approaches to improving heart health.

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Please note: This article is for general information purposes and does not replace professional medical advice. A doctor or therapist should always be consulted in case of health questions or complaints.