Principle Causa Logica | Innovative knowledge derived from micronutrient medicine

Innovative knowledge derived from micronutrient medicine

Orthomolecular medicine includes not only the classic vitamins and minerals, but also secondary plant substances, essential fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes. Our work is based on research and diagnostics. In addition, we have many years of laboratory-documented, practical therapeutic experience. Our complex and high-quality nutritional supplements match synergistically. We do rely on valuable substances from nature and avoid unnecessary additives.

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Every human is unique

Do you pay attention to healthy nutrition, exercise and want to provide your body with ideal nutrients? Are you an athlete and do you want to get the most out of your exercise? Is your attention on some particular subject, or do you want to improve your health? We look at people and their individual needs.

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Individual products tailored to athletes, with the option of professional support from one of our MITO therapists.

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Here you will find therapeutic approaches with MITOcare Natural Products for your path to better health.

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MITOcare offers health management for companies. Benefit from it as a team and achieve health-related success.

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For the sake of your health, mainly pure natural substances without synthetic or artificial additives are used in our products. Physicians, natural scientists and experts work daily on further developing and improving our natural substance preparations. The products are 80% vegetarian and more than half are already vegan. Our production sites are located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and meet the highest quality standards. Gentle processing ensures our raw materials retain their valuable properties.

MITO Circle of Professionals

Knowledge sharing for professionals

In our MITO Circle of Experts, we offer an exclusive platform for colleagues to exchange information as well as an academy that regularly imparts exclusive technical knowledge. As a professional, you can apply this know-how in your treatments. Register now and benefit from our unique expertise in alternative medicine, micronutrient medicine and epigenetics.

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Is your health important to you and do you want to expand your knowledge on healthy lifestyle? Our therapists, physicians & experts will inform you regularly about current topics.

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