Back to natural mobility - Light Course
Back to natural mobility - Light Course

Back to natural mobility - Light Course

MITO Masterclass

Mobility as the key to holistic health and vitality - with the course "Back to natural mobility" by Think Flow Grow (Tim Böttner)  & MITOcare.

As a taster version we have designed the Light Course. You'll get 8 compact mobility routines to easily replicate in 5 to 15 minutes that will keep your body young, mobile and boost your vitality. We recommend the Complete Course because in addition to 18 routines, you will learn and experience valuable background about your body, as well as integrate healthy movement into your everyday life and work.
Course content Light Course:
Welcome: 1 course video
Mobility Basics: 1 Course Video
• Mobility routines: 8 course videos

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99,00 €
99,00 €

inkl. MwSt.

The Light Course contains 10 course videos

8 mobility routines for easy practice

The course helps you rediscover your natural movement intelligence

Become and stay flexible, mobile and strong at any age

Learn proper breathing

Improve your stress management

Finally learn a movement routine and establish it as a habit

Trust your body again and improve your body awareness

Back to your natural mobility - With a mobility routine to holistic health and vitality

When you learn to move your body again in a way that is in your nature, numerous symptoms are released and vitality and life energy unfold. It is never too late to start! Imagine if with just 5 to 12 minutes a day you could stimulate your brain, reduce pain and physical and emotional stress, optimize your lymphatic system, intestines, circulatory system, organs, hormones, muscles, fascia, joints and ligaments? You get that chance right here, right now, in the form of selected mobility routines based on the latest scientific and neurological findings. It will only cost you 5 to 12 minutes a day to be able to move easily and freely again.  

All effects are achieved through movement along the neuromotor development. This is nature's perfect training program, which you can now use again.

Learn to move your body completely, thus releasing blockages and establishing your flow! Such a movement routine should be part of your daily body care. Like brushing your teeth: A non-negotiable practice for feeling good in the here and now, and thus a guarantee for lifelong health in your life. In our course, you'll learn compact movement routines that promote all aspects of your health and vitality. 

This course is a collaboration of Think Flow Grow (Tim Böttner) & MITOcare. This course is available as a Light course and a Complete course.

This is the Light course - this is designed as a taster version. This contains 8 mobility routines to easily replicate. We recommend the Complete Course because in addition to 18 routines, you will learn and experience valuable background about your body, as well as integrate healthy movement into your everyday life and work. The Complete Course includes 39 videos, plus downloadable documents that you can access for life via app or browser. No matter where or when. The course will be your faithful companion.

This is a digital product with no time limit. After purchasing the course, you have unlimited access to the content. You will receive an e-mail with exclusive access to the Elopage tool - here you will find all course content ready for you and can access it online at any time. We recommend that you take about 15 minutes a day for the movement routines of the course.

This course is a digital product - so you can take it anytime, anywhere. All you need is some space on the floor, a smartphone, tablet or computer and a willingness to do something for yourself.
The trial course costs €99.00 once and is available to you for life in your exclusive Elopage account from the time of purchase.
Welcome: Benefits of the course (3:40 minutes)

Introduction Mobility Basics: Motor Development as the Ultimate Training Program (7:52 minutes)

Mobility Routine: Feelgood Flow (11:34 minutes)

Mobility Routine: Relaxed Back (14:06 minutes)

Mobility Routine: Deep Relaxation (18:19 minutes)

Mobility Routine: Standing (1) (8:53 minutes)

Mobility routine: Relaxed deep squatting (10:53 minutes)

Mobility routine: Stable back and trunk (11:25 minutes)

Mobility routine: Better walking and running (16:47 minutes)

Mobility routine: Improve posture (10:36 minutes)

What the course offers you

Das bietet dir diese Masterclass:

Mach es einfach nach

Du bekommst einfache Follow Along Routinen für jeden Tag, die du in 5 bis 15 Minuten durchführen kannst, mit verschiedenen Schwerpunkten. Du kannst die Routinen via App oder Browser dein Leben lang und an jedem Ort durchführen. (Light Kurs: 8 Routinen | Complete Kurs: 18 Routinen)

Verstehe deine Körperlogik

Als Grundlage bekommst du ein Verständnis, wie Stress, Schmerzen, Gehirn und Atmung mit deiner Mobilität zusammenhängen in klaren, kompakten und verständlichen Videos. (Nur im Complete Kurs)

Entwickle deine eigene Routine

In 8 Videos lernst und erfährst du die Elemente der Mobilitätsroutine als Grundbedürfnisse deines Körpers. Durch den Mobilitätsroutinen-Baukasten hast du die Werkzeuge, deine eigene Mobilitätsroutine zusammenzustellen. Denn du solltest der Experte für deinen Körper sein. (Nur im Complete Kurs)

Integriere gesunde Bewegungsgewohnheiten
in deinen Alltag

In 8 Videos erfährst du 8 Möglichkeiten, wie du gesunde Bewegung in deinen Alltag und Job integrierst. Denn deine Gewohnheiten Formen deinen Körper. Mit artgerechter Bewegung im Alltag „trainierst du, ohne zu trainieren“. (Nur im Complete Kurs)