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MITOcare micronutrients of
the add·on product line

New: 6 amino acids

In addition to our principle Causa Logica product line, we now have our MITOcare micronutrients of the add·on product line with a focus on high-quality single substances. New additions are our 6 amino acids.

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Knowledge lectures for end customers

Exciting knowledge presentations in Munich

This year, we are once again offering our customers from Munich exciting presentations on the topics of histamine intolerance, arthrosis, thyroid, hormones and keto.

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Discount campaign at our Harras store

-20% discount on wowtamins

At the MITOcare store at Munich Harras you can buy wowtamins with a short best-before date for -20% off.
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Our new products

Gut Friend

Our new product Gut Friend is a powdered drink mix with 12 plant substances, a high fiber content and vitamin A. Vitamin A contributes to a normal immune system and to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes - including those of the intestine. The product is available in two packaging units.
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Who we are

Unleash your holistic well-being

"Everyone deserves to be healthy."

With our micronutrients, our functional drink & our gene diagnostics tool, we want to help you achieve more vitality and zest for life & support you in reaching your full potential.
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New to our shop

Smoothie book for functional smoothies

Discover our smoothie book "Functional Smoothies and the Symphony of Molecules" by MITOcare Co-Founder Christian Burghardt and qualified nutritionist & fasting guide Nancy Rizos - known as #Healthystar.

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Our bestsellers

Our bestseller ADEK Vitamin Oil

The MITOcare ADEK Vitamin Oil skilfully combines all 4 fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in just one drop. Since fat-soluble vitamins can be better absorbed by the body in combination with fat, the vitamins in this product are accompanied by a combination of valuable coconut and olive oil.
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Digital gift vouchers

Give your loved ones the gift of well-being

Do you want to give your loved ones a meaningful gift? Then make them happy and give them our digital gift vouchers. They can choose valuable micronutrients according to their needs and actively support their well-being.

-30% on mito drinks

From now on we are offering you -30% off all mito drinks. Get the smart drink alternative with 11 important vitamins and guarana & green tea for a refreshed, vital everyday life.

Micronutrients as needed

Antioxidants & cell protection
Connective tissue & collagen
Intestinal flora
Energy & performance
Focus & Mental Performance
Healthy Aging & Longevity
Immune system
Inner Balance
Wish for children
Mitochondria & vital energy
Thyroid gland
Quality of sleep
Sports & Performance
Vitamin balance

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Discover our MITOcare micronutrient preparations according to the Causa Logica principle. We stand for innovative and qualitatively particularly high-quality nutrient and plant substance products. They  support your well-being and help you to stay in balance - nutritionally sensibly coordinated with each other.

mito drink

mito drink voted "Newcomer of the year"

Our mito drink was voted newcomer of the year by Lekkerland! Our functional drink convinced the Lekkerland jury.
MITOcare on TV

MITOcare as a TV expert on the topic "sport & health"

MITOcare co-founder Christian Burghardt was invited to give his expert opinion in an internationally broadcasted show with topic "Health & Sport".