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MITOcare micronutrients of
the add·on product line

New: 6 amino acids

In addition to our principle Causa Logica product line, we now have our MITOcare micronutrients of the add·on product line with a focus on high-quality single substances. New additions are our 6 amino acids.

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Knowledge lectures for end customers

Exciting knowledge presentations in Munich

This year, we are once again offering our customers from Munich exciting presentations on the topics of histamine intolerance, arthrosis, thyroid, hormones and keto.

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Our partner products

New partner products by Tigogreen

We are now offering the green tea complex & lady's mantle complex from Tigogreen in our partner product range.

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Our new products

Gut Friend

Our new product Gut Friend is a powdered drink mix with 12 plant substances, a high fiber content and vitamin A. Vitamin A contributes to a normal immune system and to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes - including those of the intestine. The product is available in two packaging units.
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Who we are

Unleash your holistic well-being

"Everyone deserves to be healthy."

With our micronutrients, our functional drink & our gene diagnostics tool, we want to help you achieve more vitality and zest for life & support you in reaching your full potential since 2013.

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New to our shop

Smoothie book for functional smoothies

Discover our smoothie book "Functional Smoothies and the Symphony of Molecules" by MITOcare Co-Founder Christian Burghardt and qualified nutritionist & fasting guide Nancy Rizos - known as #Healthystar.

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Our bestsellers

Our bestseller ADEK Vitamin Oil

The MITOcare ADEK Vitamin Oil skilfully combines all 4 fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in just one drop. Since fat-soluble vitamins can be better absorbed by the body in combination with fat, the vitamins in this product are accompanied by a combination of valuable coconut and olive oil.
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Digital gift vouchers

Give your loved ones the gift of well-being

Do you want to give your loved ones a meaningful gift? Then make them happy and give them our digital gift vouchers. They can choose valuable micronutrients according to their needs and actively support their well-being.

-30% on mito drinks

From now on we are offering you -30% off all mito drinks. Get the smart drink alternative with 11 important vitamins and guarana & green tea for a refreshed, vital everyday life.

Micronutrients as needed

Antioxidants & cell protection
Connective tissue & collagen
Intestinal flora
Energy & performance
Focus & Mental Performance
Healthy Aging & Longevity
Immune system
Inner Balance
Wish for children
Mitochondria & vital energy
Thyroid gland
Quality of sleep
Sports & Performance


Vitamin balance

Our knowledge blog

Would you like to expand your knowledge about a vital lifestyle, micronutrients & nutrition?
Discover our knowledge blogs on the topics of micronutrients, health, sport, nutrition & sleep.

More muscle mass through epigenetics & mitochondrial power
In this article, we'll dive deep into the science behind muscle building, including the latest findings in epigenetics and mitochondrial function.
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Minerals, trace elements and electrolytes: the big picture
Nothing works in the body without them: minerals and trace elements are the driving forces behind many vital processes. In this article, you can find out which of these substances are essential and where you can get them from.
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Strengthen bones, joints and tendons: For more fitness and less discomfort
With a strong musculoskeletal system, you are ready for sporting challenges. In this article, you'll find out how to strengthen your tendons and joints and why nutrients are so important.
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Effects of curcumin
In this blog article you will learn the difference between turmeric and curcumin and what effects curcumin has and why these are relevant for athletes.
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Capsule shells in comparison - which capsule is best?
Most dietary supplements are offered in capsule form. Why is that? Is this necessary? And which capsule shells are of the highest quality? HPMC, pullulan, gelatine - the choice of capsule shells is varied and confusing. We will help you through the jungle of food supplements and enlighten you.
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Coenzyme Q10
What is coenzyme Q10, what function und effect does it have on your well-being?
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Migraine: causes, symptoms and remedies
14.8% of women and 6% of men in Germany meet all the criteria for migraine. In this article, you can find out more about migraine, its manifestations, treatment options and migraine prevention.
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Glutenunverträglichkeit: Symptome und Ernährungstipps

Bei Glutenunverträglichkeit und Zöliakie ist bewusste Ernährung das A und O. Lerne wichtige Symptome kennen und Tipps für glutenfreien Genuss.

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The gut-brain axis - how do the gut and brain work together?
Gut and brain - two important organs in the human body. But what do they have to do with each other? Quite a lot! Because a healthy gut makes for a healthy brain and vice versa.
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8 tips for healthy mitochondria and more energy
Do you lack energy? Do you feel tired no matter how much you rest? Do you feel like you want to support your energy metabolism? Or have you heard about mitochondria and would like to find out more about what mitochondria actually are and how you can strengthen them?
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Why are vitamins & co. so important for athletes?
How much importance should be attached to special nutrition for athletes? Why do athletes need more nutrients? Here you can find out more about the macro and micronutrients you need as an endurance or strength athlete.
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Amino acid deficiency - what are the causes and symptoms?
As organic compounds, amino acids play an important role in the human body - but not all of them in the same way. In this article, you will not only find out exactly what amino acids are and what functions they perform, but also how you can recognize a deficiency and take targeted action against it.
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Pre- and probiotics - feed your gut bacteria
Your gut has all kinds of functions. It communicates with other regions of your body, such as the brain, and even produces neurotransmitters together with the resident gut bacteria. Find out why the gut is often associated with the "seat of health" and how you can promote your gut health.
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Discover our Principle Causa Logica Categories:

Discover our MITOcare micronutrient preparations according to the Causa Logica principle. We stand for innovative and qualitatively particularly high-quality nutrient and plant substance products. They  support your well-being and help you to stay in balance - nutritionally sensibly coordinated with each other.

Every human being
deserves to be healthy

With MITOcare back
to my old strength
“I noticed immediately that my regeneration times got significantly shorter with the MITOcare products.”

Sabine Lisicki, professional tennis player

Getting through a stressful day-to-day life in a healthy way
“My workdays are often over 12 hours long. In order to stay balanced, I count on the power of plant substances.”

Ben Strässle, photographer

What Moritz
says about our products
“As a top athlete, I am always interested in increasing my performance so I can support my team in the best way possible. Next to extra training periods, it is important to me to support my body permanently with important nutritional and plant substances for performance enhancement and regeneration.“

Moritz Leitner, midfielder FC Zürich

Always fully engaged with MITOcare products
“As project manager, I have to keep an eye on several subjects at the same time. Since I have started on my nutritional substance therapy plan with MITOcare, I have noticed a definite increase in energy and my ability to concentrate.”

Philipp Eden, project manager

Back to top athletic form with MITOcare products
“After my serious knee injury, I learned about MITOcare at a moment when it was mentally difficult for me to continue to stay motivated.”

Quirin Moll, professionall soccer player

Build & strengthen
mitochondria function

Here, everything revolves around our mitochondria, the power stations of the cells which create your life energy.

Our biological age is defined by sufficient ATP production. ATP as the universal energy carrier in the body, is produced daily by your mitochondria.

"The idea is to die as late as possible."
-Ashley Montagu-

Our MITO Circle of Experts exclusively for professional users

Are you a professional user?

In our MITO Circle of Experts we offer an exclusive platform for exchange among colleagues as well as an academy that regularly provides exclusive expertise. Register now & benefit from our knowledge in alternative medicine, micronutrient medicine and epigenetics.