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Germany is field hockey world champion again

Field hockey Germany had to wait a long time for this moment. But since January of this year, the German men's national team can call itself world champion. As a partner of the DHB, we advise players and doctors on supplementation with micronutrients.
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Kickboxing World Champion Oscar Plasene

As the current kickboxing world champion, the martial artist trusts in a balanced supply of micronutrients. MITOcare has been supporting the world champion for many years with its sports products for optimal preparation for fights.
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The sporty refreshment

The mito drink is an innovative complex of active ingredients in a specially balanced mixture of nutrients. With one can daily you can cover your need of some important micronutrients - and that simply by drinking. You drink - we care.

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Step by step to maximum performance

Our goal is to help athletes to improve their maximum performance and fast recovery. Our sports products are on the Cologne List and guarantee doping-free supplementation. Our experts are at your disposal for comprehensive advice and support.

With MITOcare back
to my old strength

“I noticed immediately that my regeneration times got significantly shorter with the MITOcare products.”

Sabine Lisicki, professional tennis player

What Moritz
says about our products

“As a top athlete, I am always interested in increasing my performance so I can support my team in the best way possible. Next to extra training periods, it is important to me to support my body permanently with important nutritional and plant substances for performance enhancement and regeneration.“

Moritz Leitner, midfielder FC Zürich

Back to top athletic form with MITOcare products

“After my serious knee injury, I learned about MITOcare at a moment when it was mentally difficult for me to continue to stay motivated.”

Quirin Moll, midfielder TSV 1860 Munich

Our ORTHO series

Our Ortho products support the function of connective tissue, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles with the right supplements. Our micronutrient preparations were developed together with sports physicians and are the ideal support for the musculoskeletal system of athletes.

Together with our MITO therapists to more health

Find your MITO therapist now

Our trained MITO therapists are specialized in sports and nutrition and accompany you with an individual plan to reach your next goals.

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