2023 is our anniversary year

Celebrating 10 years of pursuing better health

Thank you for 10 years of trust, support and unforgettable moments.

Foundation week from 05 to 11 June

It will be a celebration of superlatives!

Look forward to exclusive offers, competitions, great discounts and much more. Because we want to give you something back and thank you for your loyalty.

What is there to be won?
Besides lots of products and vouchers worth over 5000€ you can win an Epigenetics Coach Training from HealVersity, tickets for the Flow Festival in Munich, IHHT sessions and health check-ups at BODI in Munich and seminar tickets for our MITOcare Academy. You also have the chance to win a personal boxing training with our kickboxing world champion Oscar Plasene and a bouldering course with the national trainer Ingo Filzwieser. We also raffle our diagnostic tool intelligene incl. evaluation.

Where and how can you participate?
Just come to our MITOcare Store at the Harras in Munich spin our wheel of fortune or take part in the raffle after your purchase. You are more digital on the go? Here we have prepared an Instagram challenge for you. Tell us your personal MITOcare story - the best reels will win one of the much sought-after prizes.

Are you as much of a puzzle and quiz fan as we are? Sign up for our newsletter and take part in our 7-day quiz to make sure you don't miss out on any of the prizes.

Profits for the foundation week

Here you can see all the prizes of the foundation week at a glance.
The prizes can not be combined with other prizes and there is no payout of the winnings.
2x 1xSeminar Ticket
Only for professional users
Go to MITOcare Academy
2x two Flowday tickets
Each worth 600€
More Infos
2x 3 months package
Each worth 3000€
Discover products
1x 3-month package & checkup at BODI
With evaluation worth over 3000€
Discover products
3x intelligent diagnostics tool
With evaluation worth 599€
discover intelligene
2x Boulder course
With the national coach Ingo Filzwieser
8x 75€ voucher
Value of 600€
discover products
3x 150€ voucher
Value of 450€
discover products
2x 200€ voucher
Value of 400€
discover products

Foundation Week Deal
from 05 to 11 June

mito drink for 1€

Von Montag bis Sonntag erhältst du unseren mito drink für nur 1 € pro Dose. Du hast die Wahl zwischen einem Sixpack mito drink für 6 € oder einer Monatspackung für nur 30 € Alle Preise sind zuzüglich Pfand.

The story behind MITOcare

From an idea to a successful company

The two doctors, Christian Burghardt and Dr. Alexander Hierl, realized in their daily work that they had reached the limits of conventional medicine. Not in terms of therapies, but in terms of preventive measures. Therefore, they began to study at great length and in detail the organizational levels of the human body and necessary micro- and macronutrients. It turned out that these nutrients can be used specifically for preventive purposes.

There was only one problem: the products, especially complex products combining different nutrients, were not available on the market. But necessity is the mother of invention, as we all know, and so the idea was born to develop the formulas for the products ourselves. MITOcare was born.

That was in 2013, exactly 10 years ago. Mitochondrien Formula was the first product to hit the German market. Three years later, mito drink followed, a functional drink with a specially coordinated complex mixture.

Today, the idea from back then has become a flourishing company with currently more than 50 products, 6 million euros in sales and around 50 employees.

But the founders of MITOcare were not satisfied with simply developing products. Thus, the principle of Causa Logica was born, the basis of MITOcare's current product world. This principle divides the organization of the human body into different levels: Tissues, cells, the DNA or the organ system. Each of these systems can be assigned necessary building blocks in the form of micro- and macronutrients. By combining these nutrients in a sensible way based on causa logica, MITOcare's complex products now provide a sound basis for holistic, orthomolecular therapy.

2023 is now the year for MITOcare. 10 successful years are behind us and we want to celebrate that. With great offers in the MITO Academy and with lots of great anniversary promotions for our customers.

So stay tuned! You will soon find out more on this page.

MITOcare Academy Anniversary Training (For Professionals only)

Next level advanced training - The MITOcare Academy

Since 2015, MITOcare has been imparting in-depth knowledge in the field of functional medicine with its academy. Our focus is on the mitochondria, the cellular power plants that control our daily energy. Already, the MITOcare Academy has held over 250 events since its inception.

On the occasion of the anniversary, we are planning special MITOcare Academy training courses for our professional users.

For example, the anniversary seminar from 19 to 23 June 2023 in Mallorca, the training as a Detox Coach for natural liver & gall bladder cleansing according to Florian Sauer Nakurapie® or the seminar "More resilience through breathing and cold" with the "PEAKWOLF®" Rolf Duda in Thun (Switzerland).

A brief history of nutritional supplements

More than 2,500 years ago, the ancient Persians began taking iron specifically because they hoped it would give them more strength in war. Whether this had the desired effect remains to be seen. But since time immemorial, various cultures, especially in Asia, have come to appreciate the powers of nutrients that were not studied at the time. br>
But it was not until the mid-18th century that the building blocks of our food were studied in more detail. It was Justus von Liebig who made the discovery that proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the most important components of our food. The basis of nutritional science had been laid. Later, other important components were added, such as minerals, trace elements and vitamins. br>
It was precisely the vitamins that were emblematic of malnutrition. Just think of the seafarer's disease scurvy, which showed what happens when not enough vitamins, in this case vitamin C, are taken in. After just a few weeks at sea, sailors complained of dental problems, fatigue and dizziness. These problems could have been treated simply by a diet rich in vitamins, such as citrus fruits. br>
But, as said, nobody knew anything about vitamins back then. br>
It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the Polish-American biochemist Casimir Funk isolated a substance from rice bran that was supposed to cure the deficiency disease beriberi. Analysis of the compound showed that it was a nitrogen-containing compound, an amine. Funk had discovered thiamine, now known as vitamin B1. Based on these findings, Funk proposed the artificial word vitamin (vita-the life and amine for nitrogen compounds). Over time, other vitamins, minerals, etc. have been discovered based on Casimir Funk's findings. In 1932, for example, the Hungarian biochemist Albert von Szent-Györgyi discovered vitamin C. br>
However, the widespread use of dietary supplements came much later and was originally politically motivated. In broad-based health campaigns, politicians in European countries and the USA tried to inform people about the consequences of malnutrition. Adding nutrients, at that time mainly synthetic substances, became fashionable. br>
Thus, some dietary supplements have provided - and still do - invaluable services in preventing various diseases or correcting nutritional deficiencies and deficiency symptoms. Even if the trend is moving away from synthetic supplements to natural ingredients. As is the case with MITOcare.